Sera Jey Library
色拉傑寺院 - 图书馆

Sera Jey Library is the treasure house of the vast collection of Buddhist Texts & Scriptures of this Monastery. Infact the library was in the making right from Baxa, the initial refuge camp in India, before the reestablishment of the Monastery at Bylakuppe, as the collections that were brought along during their escape to India and additions coming in intervals from various sources.

色拉傑圖書館是這個修道院大量佛教文本和聖經收藏的寶庫。事實上, 圖書館就在印度最初的避難營巴沙, 在 Bylakuppe 重建之前, 因為在逃到印度的過程中帶來了藏品, 並不時從各種活動中增加了藏品來源。