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Merits of Offering Robes to Sangha
From Sutra,
Robe offering, extremely glorious.
Always born in high cast and have good physical shape.
A person will have sense of good conscience.
Person will be renowned due to having accumulated the good karma.
~ by Buddha.
In this life the person will be free from obstacle, healthy and have perfect body form. Success will be attained in business, good fortune and possessions will be obtained.
The act of offering robes to the Sangha, it’s a symbol of offering protection from the heat and cold. Due to this merit accumulated, in the next life the person will be
1) Liberated from the suffering of the hell (hot and cold realms).
2) By doing this action of robe dana, one will be free from the suffering of hungry ghost realm (thirst and hunger).
3) Take rebirth in the human form with complete perfect physical shape, attractive, conceivably pleasant and beautiful. Having high status like the lineage of a King. One will have a good sense of conscience and integrity, well esteemed by others, peace and happiness.
Having accumulated good karma by this deed, for e.g. – In the past the Brahmin offered a white robe to the Buddha Bhagavan. The Buddha then prophesized him to be born in the future as Ngonshy Zangpo, who attained Buddhahood from the merits of offering the robe to Buddha. Likewise these are the great benefits of offering robes to the Sangha.