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佛經中說供僧功德: 《盂蘭盆經》雲:若能以飯食、臥具、醫藥供養十方僧眾,藉此十方僧眾清淨共修,功德回向之力,能使供養者,往昔七世父母、六親眷屬得遠離三惡道,現世父母及其本人,長壽無病無惱,衣食自然具足,身心安樂。

Merits of offering Sangha
From “THE ULLAMBANA SUTRA” by The Buddha 
Someone prepare an offering of clean basins full of hundreds of flavors and the five fruits, and other offerings of incense, oil, lamps, candles, beds, and bedding, all the best of the world, to the greatly virtuous assembled Sangha of the ten directions.
If one thus makes offerings to these Provarana Sangha, one's present father and mother, parents of seven generations, as well as the six kinds of close relatives, will escape from the three paths of sufferings. And at that time attain release. Their clothing and food will spontaneously appear. If the parents are still alive, they will have wealth and blessings for a hundred years. Parents of seven generations will be born in the heavens. Transformationally born, they will independently enter the celestial flower light, and experience limitless bliss.