Tara Mother Prayer and Disaster Relief Transcendence Ceremony

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It is the end of the year and the coming New Year 2020, praying for world peace, no war, good weather, and the well-being of all beings, especially the world ’s depression, sick, famine, and sexual abusers, and for natural disasters, human calamities, and life The unborn child, suicide, and accidental death are highly recommended, and I would like to invite Serage Elementary and Middle School to hold the "Tradition of Tara Prayer for Blessing and Disaster Relief".

At the same time, with the purpose of the Fa Conference, the teacher Lama from the primary and secondary schools will explain the purpose and motivation of the little lamas before the meeting, so that everyone can understand the sufferings of people living around the world, and the education of life. Valuable, and then more cherish mercy.

Time set falls on December 26 (iv) the date of Sakyamuni Buddha Most Excellent merit and evil deeds multiply nine hundred million times; an annular eclipse (10:30 - 16:06) and evil deeds multiply a trillion times

Puja There is a disaster relief, Chaodu altar return, welcome the ten parties to enthusiastically register online, and also welcome the support of the priests, monks, fasters and all the ceremonies needed.

時值歲末與即將到來2020新年,為祈願世界和平、無有戰爭、風調雨順、眾生安樂,尤為世界憂鬱症者、病苦者、饑荒挨餓、性侵害者祈福,以及為天災、人禍、應生未生胎兒、自殺、意外死亡者超薦,特恭請 色拉傑中小學舉辦《度母祈福消災超渡法會》。


時間訂於12月26日(四)適逢釋迦牟尼佛殊勝功德日  善行與惡行乘九億倍;日環食(10:30~16:06)善行與惡行乘一兆倍



Tara Karmic is performed for minimizing the ill-effects of the planets that are related to the past life of a native. This Puja also achieves forgiveness of the native from all unholy deeds done in previous lives.

消災牌位 For names to be placed on the Tara Karmic tablets


The tantric practice of jang wa is used when somebody has died.  Even if the person is in the intermediate state on the way to the lower realms, you can still do jang.wa and change the direction of the person’s reincarnation

超渡牌位 For names to be placed on the Tara Jangwa tablets