Prayer Flags Offerings - 1 set of 108

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Tibetan prayer flags are used used to bless the surrounding countryside and for other purposes. Traditional prayer flags include woodblock-printed  text and images. Legend ascribes the origin of the prayer flag to Gautama Buddha, whose prayers were written on battle flags used by the devas against their adversaries, the asuras.


藏族祈禱旗被用來祝福周圍的鄉村和其他目的。傳統的祈禱旗包括木塊印刷的文本和圖像。傳說祈禱旗的起源歸因於高塔瑪佛陀,其祈禱寫在戰鬥旗上。 德瓦斯 對他們的對手, 阿蘇拉斯.